Wshop151117: Advances in biofuel market opportunities

A liquid biofuels workshop held on 17 November 2015 in Hamilton for those interested in the heavy fuels market where bio-oils are likely to be an early path to commercialisation of liquid biofuels from biomass and municipal waste. 

The event was structured to cover all liquid biofuels but had a specific focus on applications for marine, rail and other users of heavy fuel oils so they can get an update on progress being made towards having biofuels available for their applications. 

The workshop was preceded by a demonstration of the production of pyrolysis oil and followed by a symposium convened by the Advanced Biofuels Research Network outlining advanced biofuel research being undertaken throughout New Zealand.

Presentations from the workshop

  • Biofuel for large engine applications: Wärtsilä experience
    (Luca Febbraio, General Manager Energy Solutions, Wärtsilä Australia)
  • Update on Licella's commercial demonstration plant
    (Bill Rowlands, Chief Scientist, Licella and Ignite Energy Resources, Sydney)
  • Converting biomass into renewable diesel
    (Peter Brown and Proton Power, California)
  • Pathways for transport biofuels
    (Paul Bennett, Science Leader, Clean Technologies, Scion)
  • The breadth of products that can be made from biochar
    (John McDonald-Wharry, Waikato University)
  • The biodiesel market is alive and well
    (Martin Johnson, Greenfuels NZ)
  • Synthetic biofuels from Lignocellulosic biomass, recent activities in Europe and Germany
    (Jörg Sauer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
  • Fitting the market to the technology
    (Simon Arnold, Blended Fuel Solutions NZ)
  • Progress towards developing a 50tonne/day fast pyrolysis plant
    (Gavin Hedley, Alternative Energy Solutions)
  • An overview of the liquid biofuels market in New Zealand
    (Andrew Campbell, EECA)
  • Techno-economic challenges of fast pyrolysis commercialisation
    (Peter Fransham, ABRI-Tech Inc, Namur, Quebec, Canada) [by video link]
  • Beyond fuels - high value chemicals from biowaste
    (Geoff Covey, Covey Consulting)

Click on the following link to view presentations from the workshop.

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