IEA Bioenergy Task Group 39

New Zealand activities in Task 39

The IEA Bioenergy takes the lead internationally on collaborative research on all things bioenergy. Task 39 has a biofuels focus and is entitled "Commercializing 1st- and 2nd- Generation Liquid Biofuels from Biomass". Scion is the NZ representative on the Task group.

The Task group brings together leading researchers, government officials and industry pioneers in a continuing bid to successfully introduce biofuels for transportation into the commercial marketplace. The Group's activities are organised into two subtasks, which include the technical challenges of 'second-generation' biofuel production, as well as the market, policy and implementation issues that must be addressed in commercialisation of all biofuels. It commissions a series of authoritative reports in its areas of interest.

Task 39 Newsletters

The Task 39 Newsletter provides regular updates on activities of member countries, helps distribute contributions from the R&D community and provides a platform for information exchange and collaboration.

Research News

New Zealand companies involved in research in the liquid biofuels area are listed here: