Who are we?

The LBIG is one of 4 Interest Groups established by BANZ. 

Members include anyone with a commercial interest in the development of liquid biofuels and co-products including, fuel and products producers and suppliers, energy researchers, consultants, equipment manufacturers and investors.

In November 2008 the then Liquid Biofuels Interest Group was strengthened by merging with the New Zealand Biofuel manufacturers Association (NZBMA). In mid 2012 in order to reflect the developments in the sector, the Interest Group was renamed to include co-products - the most exciting development in the sector for some years. The Interest Group has a Committee and a Convener.  The Group Convener sits on the BANZ Board.

The Vision and Objectives of the BANZ Liquid Biofuels Programme are as follows:

To assist the establishment of a sustainable liquid biofuels market in NZ based on indigenous resources representing the views of manufacturers of liquid biofuels.

The objectives of the Liquid Biofuels Interest Group should be:

  • Assist liquid biofuel/co-products manufacturers to set up production and develop market share
  • Assist liquid biofuel/co-products manufacturers to ensure that quality product is on the market.
  • Lobby for a liquid biofuels/co-products research and development fund.
  • Provide meaningful press and PR support to the technology, publishing case studies etc, and leveraging the Liquid Biofuels in NZ and IG Members websites to disseminate this information.
  • Run workshops for potential suppliers and investors, to raise awareness of the technologies and opportunities.

Details of the recent activities of the Group can be accessed by Members of the Liquid Biofuels Interest Group here.

Not a Member?  Contact us for details on how you can join here


LBIG Committee

Kevin Snowdon - (Group Convener)
Ralph Sims – Massey University
Richard Gapes – AECOM (Deputy Convener)
Sean Simpson - Lanzatech
Jurgen Thiele – Spiire
Dave Bodger and Karl Mischewski – Gull
Peter Motion – Anchor Ethanol
Andrew Campbell – Fuel Technology
Shusheng Pang – Canterbury University
Simon Coughlan
Ken Hulls – Taroha C Block
Michael Jack - Scion

The Committee is supported by:

Brian Cox (Executive Officer BANZ)


LBIG Members

Depending on the level of membership you hold you may be eligible to join the LBIG Group.

Details of the current LBIG members is available here


Committee Meeting Dates - 2013

Kevin Snowdon (Convener)

1.30 pm

Monday. 16 April

1.30 pm

Monday, 17 June

1.30 pm

Friday, 16 August

1.30 pm

Monday, 14 October

1.30 pm

Monday 9 December

  • Download the full list of meeting dates here

Each Interest Group will have at least one Face to Face meeting annually.  Ideally the meeting will coincide with an event.


  • All Board and IG meetings are by GoToMeeting unless otherwise advised)
  • From time to time meeting dates may have to change. The BANZ team will notify members of any changes as soon as possible.

BANZ activities are organised around its Interest Groups. Please contact us if you wish to join any of these groups.


LBIG Members

Membership of the Bioenergy Association (BANZ) enables access to the activities of the Liquid Biofuels Interest Group (depending on the class of membership).  Member’s should login to access it here.

If you are interested in Membership of BANZ click here for more details.


Contacts & Memberships

LBIG Committee Contacts



Kevin Snowden


Richard Gapes - AECOM

Deputy Convener

Brian Cox

BANZ Executive Officer

NOTE – for press queries please contact Kevin Snowdon or Brian Cox.